Jim Larkin Remembered As Fierce Union Leader

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Jim Larkin is considered the father of Ireland’s labor movement. He is credited with helping organize unions and better working conditions for millions of workers. Read more: Jim Larkin | Biography

Larkin was born Irish parents in the slums of Liverpool, England in 1876. Because of his family’s plight, he was forced to work at a young age. It was during this time where he experienced the poor treatment suffered by workers who were at the mercy of abusive employers. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://www.bbc.co.uk/history/british/easterrising/profiles/po08.shtml and http://www.rte.ie/centuryireland/index.php/articles/jim-larkin-released-from-prison

After becoming a dock foreman, he began working for as a union organizer. He moved to Ireland in 1907 to help organize Belfast’s first union trade movement. In 1908 Larkin moved to on to help workers in Dublin, Cork and Waterford, who were battling for equal pay rights and better working conditions.

Larkin ran afoul of the National Union of Dock Laborers and was expelled in 1908. However, he continued to help workers around throughout Ireland. In 1911, he established the pro-labor newspaper The Irish Worker and People’s Advocate. The paper exposed corruption and unfair treatment of employees.

In 1913, Jim Larkin spearheaded one of the largest strikes in Irish history — The Dublin Lockout. The major dispute involved 300 businesses and over 30,000 workers. The center issue focused on the worker’s right to unionize. The strike, which lasted more than 8 months, resulted in violence and deaths on both sides of the aisle.

At the end of the day, not much was resolved. Many workers were never given back their jobs and were forced to enlist in the military, and multiple businesses filed for bankruptcy.

Larkin continued with his union efforts and even moved to the U.S. for several years to help spread the word about unions. Once he moved back to Ireland in 1923, he continued his union activism. Larkin returned to the National Labor Party and even served as a deputy from 1943 – 1944. He died in 1947. A statue of Larkin is on display in Dublin.

Surviving College With ADHD

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ADHD and depression are major problems in the world today. According to the CDC, stress is the number one killer amongst millennials. There is no more stressful time period than when a young person enters college for the first time. After high school, the world seems to get larger and everything else seems to get faster. Assignments are due, friends want to hang out, and you still have to make time to study for that big exam. How can you possibly focus on it all? A young adult affected with ADHD will often fall into depression from anxiety and stress during their second semester, after first semester grades have been posted and scholarships are on the line. It’s crunch time and the adjustment period is always rocky. Visit indeed.com to know more about Neurocore.

Adjusting to the college lifestyle while coping with ADHD can be difficult. However, it is not impossible. Neurocore has developed a list of methods that can help students achieve their maximum potential while alleviating their stress from ADHD.

The first item that Neurocore doctors list is regulating device usage. Cell phones, iPhones, tablets, Facebook, etc. all interfere with your valuable focus. When you limit your exposure to these distractions, you train yourself to hyper-focus on the task at hand. It is possible to get more done in focused 2 hour bursts than it is to drag out 5 hours with distraction after distraction. The trick is to shut off access to the distractions so you will not be tempted to turn them on. Turn your phone off and put your laptop into airplane mode while you work and you’ll notice that you can get much more accomplished.

View: https://www.groupon.com/deals/neurocore

The second step is to find your place of solitude. This can be a happy place or a peaceful place, but find some place that you can go to be alone while you study and work. Neurocore Brain Performance Center doctors have noticed productivity levels dramatically increase in patients who utilize their free time by spending at least an hour alone each day. You will eliminate the distraction of having others around and you will find yourself happier with less stress.

The third step recommended by Neurocore Brain Performance Center to cope with ADHD in college is to make time for a social life. Nobody wants to be a hermit! Save some time for your friends once you’ve caught up on your day’s work and you’ll feel relieved that you don’t have to stress over that exam you didn’t study for or that test tomorrow. Good luck! Read more at dialdish.com about Neurocore.

Sentient AI – Ecommerce Personalization

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Sentient AI uses a distributed system of artificial intelligence to engage in ecommerce personalization. It understands what your customers are searching for. It parses your entire catalog of products and delivers a succinct experience based off the customer’s choice. Everything the customer searches for goes into a database for future use and optimization. As each customer interacts with the AI embedded in your website it gets smarter. Every interaction will drive further optimization. Sentient AI leverages an intelligent system of deep learning in order to achieve continued education and growth.

The genetic algorithm forces the AI to grow and combine various products that your customers will be interested in. As the system learns you can watch its growth in real-time through hundreds of visual and data dimensions. The key digital touch points are at your fingertips through the intuitive interface. Just as easy as your shoppers can find what they need, you can tweak the system to test various inputs from your team and gauge your customers’ reactions. The historical data will play a major role in the testing process as Sentient AI takes advantage of sophisticated genome algorithms to evolve your website. The pages that receive the most positive reactions and results will ultimately survive the trial phase and integrate its interface into the new design of ecommerce personalization. Sentient AI also tests the fluidity of your website by mixing various inputs, products, and pages with one another. The best combination will be revealed to you through your dashboard with in-depth data reports.

Follow: https://www.linkedin.com/company/sentienttechnologies

Sentient AI is an extremely disruptive technology. Since its arrival it has helped certain ecommerce companies dominate the industry. The companies that became early adopters are now witnessing profit margins in excess of 100 percent year over year with conversion rates well above 30 percent annually. Some of the larger players in ecommerce that have adopted the technology are Amazon and Kaspersky. Amazon uses Sentient AI to capture information about individual customers and build a shopping profile that corresponds to the customer. Whenever the customer logs into their account they are presented with a history of items they recently browsed and listings of products related to those items. Kaspersky uses the technology to assist clients with detecting fraud and reporting anomalous behavior. If a customer raises red flags that correspond with fraudulent behavior then false charges to ecommerce shops are prevented and real customers are protected from malicious actors and identity thieves. Sentient AI is changing the market.

Adam Milstein Article

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Adam Milstein is an accomplished Israeli-American, dedicated to creating a positive atmosphere for his contemporaries as well as the next generation. A philanthropist, Milstein has dedicated a large part of his life to creating ventures to positively affect the Jewish community. These efforts have resulted in Adam Milstein being lauded as an exemplary community leader for Jewish peoples, as well as a role model. Milstein’s works and efforts have had a very real ripple effect within the Israeli-American community, and one that has been felt by nearly everyone active within. This positive atmosphere and progressive attitude is something Milstein continues to try and cultivate each and every day, and what Adam Milstein knows.

Milstein’s humanitarian ventures are varied. The acting Chairman of the Board for the Israeli American Council, the extent of Milstein’s reach within the community far. The Israeli American Council isn’t Milstein’s only humanitarian venture, however. Far from it: Adam Milstein is an active member of a vast array of Jewish outreach programs, such as Hillel, the Israel on Campus Coalition, Taglit Birthright Israel, and Christians United for Israel. Milstein’s efforts within these groups have elevated their abilities and range of operations to new heights. Even with so many humanitarian groups under his belt, Milstein shows no signs of slowing down, as he continues to cultivate a positive relationship with upstart foundations to this day, and http://hagerpacific.com/hager-team/adam-milstein/.

All of these praises is to say little of Milsteins most personal venture: The Gila and Adam Milstein Family Foundation. A group created from the Milstein Family’s intense passion for humanitarian work, the Foundation works with Israeli-American youths to create positive relationships with other cultures on college campuses throughout the globe. The Milstein Family Foundation‘s success is born from Adam and his wife Gila’s extensive years of education and hard work. Adam, having worked as a real estate investor for many years, is very well versed in the inner workings of large operations. Having earned an MBA from USC in 1981, only a short period after arriving from his native Israel, Milstein’s work to create a positive environment for Israeli-Americans is nothing short of inspiring, and Adam on Facebook.

Desiree Perez Plays A Leading Role In The Development Of The RocNation Brand

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The RocNation brand was born in 2008 when SC Enterprises executive, Desiree Perez set out to craft a deal which would establish rapper, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter as the head of his own record label. Perez had already been a trusted executive at Carter’s SC Enterprises for around ten years by the time she set out to craft the deal which would eventually shock the entertainment industry and place both herself and RocNation on the map as leading figures in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

The initial deal created by Desiree Perez provided $100 million in funding for the newly formed record label from a partner, Live Nation. The live events group is just one of the many partners Desiree Perez has agreed on contracts with over the course of the life of RocNation as she sets out to prove women can have just as much of a say in the future of the entertainment industry as the men who have traditionally led this sector.

Setting out to create a brighter future for the RocNation brand has seen Desiree Perez explore many different areas of the entertainment sector including the negotiation of new contracts. In 2017, with the partnership with Live Nation being renegotiated, Jay-Z once again turned to Desiree Perez to renegotiate the contract between the two companies and create a new decade-long partnership worth an estimated $200 million, and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

As one of the most important members of the executive committee controlling the future of RocNation, Desiree Perez has been entrusted with making sure new ventures from RocNation are successful in a short space of time. In 2013, the newly formed RocNation Sports talent agency was formed with Desiree Perez and husband, Juan Perez took control of this important venture and created a powerful agency attracting many of the top stars of football and basketball in the U.S. before beginning to work on a global scale, and read full article.

Fabletics Leverages the Crowd for Success

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Internet shoppers, even more so than past customers are technically savvy today. The ways of doing business have been changed by the internet and the reviews left by the customer. Crowd leveraging has become the newest tool in the internet world. The importance of good reviews and customer opinion has changed the way stores strategize sales. Kate Hudson co-created a company in 2013, called Fabletics and she is mastering the technique of review centered websites and customer focused approaches.

Companies which understand the latest relevance in review focused websites are successful. Fabletics has grown at an unbelievable rate. The activewear company has increased sales by more than 200% since it starts, which comes out to over $235 million dollars and more than 1 million established members.


Fabletics has focused on the idea of membership to increase customer loyalty. This company uses questionnaires and survey to discover the customer likes and dislikes which allows Fabletic customer professionals to send out special orders each month. The importance of good reviews is not overlooked at Fabletics as they promote customer feedback as one of the most important elements of their company.

How do you leverage shoppers? Fabletics, along with other successful companies know that positive reviews given by actual customers can improve traffic, drive purchases and customer loyalty. Customers now lead digital lives and respond positively to this kind of marketing. 84% of buyers say that they believe online reviews just as much as personal recommendations from people they are familiar with.


People no longer trusted certain brands or companies. Today, online customers look for and trust the reviews on the website. This crowd leveraging is an important part of retail success. Half of the online customers surveyed stated they research reviews for a business at least once a month. 50%of potential customers admit that they read review feedback regularly which is up 50% from last year.A record 60% said that a negative review would cause them to search for the item at another company or buy a specific product.


leveraging the crowd has seen the most impressive growths in the factors which affect customers. Companies, such as Fabletics, which are growing have developed a strategy that capitalizes on their ability to crowdsource. They emphasize surveys and publish results that possible customers can easily find on the website. A recent holiday survey shows that out of online users s only about 33% were influenced by price comparisons while an impressive percentage, over 65% went by customer based reviews. This trend proves that customers are more influenced by reviews over price differences!


Fabletics understands that leveraging the crowd is the key to the latest type of marketing. This and other companies pride themselves on being accountable and customer focused which has brought success to them. This website company is growing daily and they are following up with more traditional stores. Trustpilot, a popular review site has 20,000 new reviewers each day. Fabletics understands the need of having its name and products in as many good reviews on such websites as they can. With 85% of sales coming from repeat customers, companies have to use every strategy to leverage the crowd.

Weekend #workout plan inspired by @gingerressler's high-power moves ????

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Larkin and Lacey

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are noted for their involvement in human rights issues throughout Arizona, especially in relation to migrant rights as journalists covering these issues for the past four decades.

In the early 1980s, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the alternative publication, Village Voice Media based in Phoenix, Arizona. This later became known as New Times Media, and their weekly was known as “New Times.”

In October 2007, Lacey and Larkin were put under arrest by then county Sheriff, Joe Arpaio. Wanted, were documents they had concerning the Sheriff, and also notes they had regarding the existence of grand jury proceedings. Ultimately, national attention and a US Appeals Court decision granted Larkin and Lacey a $3.75 million settlement.

The funds were largely dedicated toward establishing the Frontera Fund to support groups advocating for human rights, civil rights, migrant rights, and free speech throughout Arizona, especially along the Mexican border. Nationally and internationally, several groups and coalitions exist and regard human, civil and migrant rights as a united front. Learn more about Lacey and Larkin: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/ and http://james-larkin.com/press/

The International Justice Resource Center offers an online website that summarizes the key milestones in human rights as they relate to migration and immigration. It cites numerous human rights treaties prohibiting discrimination based on national origin. However, states may limit migrant’s rights in areas of voter and political participation.

The Principle of Non-refoulement is referenced that states an immigrant from another land must not be deported back to his or her native land if they would knowingly face torture or human rights violation. According to the International Justice Resource Center, there are over thirty provisions prohibiting discrimination based on national origin.

Two of these include the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and the American Convention on Human Rights. The United Nations has also become active concerning international human rights issues. Read more: Jim Larkin | Angel.co and Michael Lacey | Twitter

The Leadership Conference on Human and Civil Rights describes itself as a coalition representing nearly 200 US organizations charged with protecting human and civil rights of all persons here in the US. Two areas of interest in which this organization is active are telecommunications and voter registration.

The Leadership Conference is working toward broadband accessibility for all citizens; it is also interested in updating the voting rights act to minimize occurrences of discrimination. These are a small sample of organizations working to ensure equality in human rights, civil rights and migrant rights.

George Soros Drops in The Forbes List After His Huge $18 Billion Gift to Open Society Foundations

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George Soros, a billionaire hedge fund investor and philanthropist, has seen his net worth drop owing to the transfer of $18 billion to his charitable group, Open Society Foundations. The big gift made by the billionaire recently made Open Society Foundations rise up to the top echelons of philanthropic foundations. Prior to making the transfer, George Soros’ estimated net worth stood at $23 billion according to Forbes. His net worth dropped to around $8 billion, making him drop 39 places to position 59 in the Forbes List of the richest persons in America.


Huge Transfer to Open Society Foundations

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on the huge transfer of wealth by George Soros to his philanthropic organization. According to Laura Silber, the chief communications officer of the Open Society Foundations, the $18 billion transfer of assets happened over a number of years in accordance with the billionaire’s estate planning. Laura Silber also clarified that the huge gift from George Soros will not in any way alter the manner in which the foundation operates. The foundation will continue operating as per the opportunities and rising needs in the world to advance democratic practice, justice and human rights.


Management of the Fund

According to two asset managers privy to the management of Soros organization, who spoke to Forbes, the huge transfer could have been a means of reducing the billionaire’s taxes. Donations made to charity are usually tax deductible going up to 30% of the fine-tuned gross income and can be extended for a period of five years. George Soros could also have made the switch to lessen the estate tax to be borne by his heirs after he passes on. The donation fund will be managed by the Soros Fund Management office, and more information click here.


Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations is a philanthropic giant that funds various causes globally including public health and refugee relief efforts. The philanthropic giant focuses on advocating for immigrant rights, rights of the marginalized groups and funding liberal causes. The foundation’s work has not escaped criticism especially from right wing supporting parties and various organizations based in Eastern Europe. The criticism arises due to the huge political influence the society has in various countries, and https://www.georgesoros.com/.


About George Soros

Soros is presently 87 years old and has been missing in action in his hedge fund business that made him wealthy. The billionaire has of late shifted his focus towards philanthropy. George Soros was born in Budapest and at the age of 11 years, the Nazi occupation occurred forcing his family to escape from the country. They used falsified papers to gain safe passage from the country to escape the persecution of Jews. He moved to London and worked as a waiter and railway porter to take himself through university education at the London School of Economics, and Twitter.com.

George Soros used $12 million to found his hedge fund based in New York back in 1969. He has managed to remain one of the most powerful single players on Wall Street for around five decades. He appeared on the Forbes list about 30 years ago and has never missed out on it.

US Money Reserve Works With Local Organization to Rebuild Community

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Hurricane Harvey hit parts of Texas and caused a lot of devastation to a number of communities in the area. Due to the amount of devastation caused by the storms, many people have dealt with a lot of hardship. While they have been displaced as well as getting damage to their homes, many organizations have reached out to help those who have been most affected by the storm. US Money Reserve has looked to get involved and help the community recover from the storm. It has recently worked with the Austin Disaster Relief Network to help a number of individuals and communities get back in order. With its consistent efforts, both the US Money Reserve and Austin Disaster Relief Network have been able to help many people and communities more easily recover from the effects of this most recent hurricane. Learn more: https://www.usmoneyreserve.com/blog/


The individuals who currently run US Money Reserve have said that the storm has hit them personally as many employees of the company have been affected by the storm. With this in mind, the company is very motivated to help its employees and members of the community recover from the storm. The recovery efforts will likely help them get their lives back to normal after the devastation caused by the storm. All of the executives of US Money Reserve are determined to lead the recovery efforts so that Texas will be in better position to make people’s lives much easier and cope with the aftermath of the storm.


US Money Reserve is a company that offers a wide range of precious metals products to consumers. It has emerged as one of the top distributors of many precious metals during the last 15 years. The company was founded in Texas in the year 2001 and was intended to give investors an outlet to easily purchase legitimate precious metals to invest in. With US Money Reserve a number of investors can buy coins, bitcoins and bullion in either gold or sliver. This will allow them to get valuable assets and more easily build wealth on a consistent basis. As well as offering gold and silver products, you can also purchase platinum items from US Money Reserve as well. All of these items are available to help investors diversify their investment portfolio. US Money Reserve also offers a number of services to compliment its product line. Investors can get updates as well as advice from the company in order to find the ideal precious metals for their investment needs.

Why Dick DeVos And His Family Place A High Value On Philanthropy

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Some see money as the root of greed while others see it as a real tool for generosity like entrepreneur and political activist Richard Marvin DeVos Jr, otherwise known as Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos has worked with his family at their company Amway Corporation and has even started his own company, but he and his family have really turned heads by giving more than their fair share to philanthropy. Dick and Betsy DeVos have given $139 million of their own money in lifetime giving, making the DeVos family’s total lifetime giving over $1.2 billion. The organizations they’ve given to range over a wide spectrum.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have spent a good bit of their giving on education, much of which has gone to private school operations and scholarships, but they’ve also supported the Grand Rapids Public School system and even more recently focused on making more charter schools available. They were responsible for the opening of the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, a charter school based in aviation and aeronautics located at the Gerald R. Ford Airport. Dick DeVos has also supported church organizations such as Mars Hill Bible Fellowship and Willow Creek Organization, and he gave a large donation to the opening of a major Grand Rapids children hospital known as the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.


Dick DeVos traces his business career back to his childhood while helping his father, Richard DeVos Sr. at Amway. DeVos Sr. is also the owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick got his bachelor’s at Northwood University and spent over 20 years at Amway, including several years as a company vice president and then later CEO from 1993 to 2002. Dick and Betsy began investing in a lot of Grand Rapids and Holland-based companies through their own investment firm, The Windquest Group and are the primary holders of The Stow Company, Lex TM3 and Electratherm Energy.


Dick DeVos had been involved in politics for quite some time joining his wife in fundraisers for Republican candidates while she served as Chair of the Michigan Republican party. He ran for governor in 2006 against then incumbent Jennifer Granholm but came up short in the race. He’s continued working supporting conservative legislation over the years, and then returned to the political spotlight when it was announced that Betsy was going to be the next US Education Secretary upon the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. In his spare time, you can usually find Dick DeVos either flying an aircraft, or possibly racing in the Chicago-Mackinac race.


To learn more, visit http://dickdevos.com/.