The Making of Businessman and Entrepreneur, Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a renowned Swiss entrepreneur. He is the co-founder and managing director of Swiss Startup Factory and also the co-founder and director of Swiss Startup Association. He has spent over 20 years in the banking industry. In 2014, Baur started his entrepreneurial journey and founded Swiss Startup Factory. Under his leadership, Swiss Startup Factory has been ranked as the best independent and privately financed early phase ICT startup accelerator. Baur graduated with MBA from the University of Rochester New York and later earned an executive MBA from the University of Berne. Baur is devoted to supporting several Swiss youth entrepreneurs financially and as their mentor.




Baur began his career at UBS Wealth Management where he worked for six years until 2008 when he left for Clariden Leu. At Clariden Leu he served as the business area head private banking Switzerland. In 2011 he was promoted to serve as the head private banking Switzerland. In 2012, he left Clariden Leu for Sallfort Privatebank AG where he served as the head of private banking until 2014.


2014 marked the start of his entrepreneurial career. After leaving Sallfort, he founded two companies’ Baur IS and Think Reloaded Ag. By the end of 2014, he co-founded Swiss Startup Factory AG. Today, Baur holds various positions in several organizations. He is the vice president of Innovation Lab Fribourg (ILF), where he empowers students from business, sciences and engineering faculties to bring new technologies to the market. He also serves as the deputy managing director at Swiss Startup Invest


About Swiss Startup Factory


Swiss Startup Factory was established with the aim of providing an excellent execution platform to guide Swiss’ young and talented entrepreneurs through a dedicated and business oriented process from the start to the end with pre-determined milestones. The company is based in Zurich, and it is an accelerator searching for thriving digital entrepreneurs.


The firm runs a three-month start-up accelerator program, which offers young entrepreneurs with a unique array of services. The services include mentoring, coaching, office space and entrepreneurial network with a goal of achieving the firm’s ambitious goals. The training equips the learners with knowledge in payroll management, financial statements and financial health review, cash flow reports, tax and VAT reporting, bookkeeping and invoice management.


Charitable Causes


Aside from being a figure to reckon in the business world, Baur has also made a name for community activities. Mike Baur is involved in various community activities. Baur is a community wellness activist and participates in fitness challenges, road races and corporate shield running events. He serves as a board member at Upset Forever as well as The Peace Center for Performing Arts in Greenville.



USHEALTH Group Provides Flexible Health Care Coverage

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Through the company’s Premier Choice plan you have no calendar year deductibles to satisfy. You can get Premier Choice Specified Disease/Sickness and Accident coverage. They also offer critical illness, life and dental coverage. The company provides short-term accident disability coverage, vision insurance and more.

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Another benefit of USHEALTH Group coverage is that you can apply for coverage any time you want to. You do not have to wait for a specific enrollment time. The mission at the firm is to provide flexible health care coverage that you can use to fit your individual needs and budget.

The Importance of Relationship In Reputation

When it comes to reputation, one of the most important aspects is relationships. In order for one to have a good reputation, he has to have a relationship with his customer. For one to be able to maintain a good reputation, he has to make sure that his relationships with other users including his customers are good. The person must think about the different people and companies that he has came across. When one has a good relationship with the person in question, it is a lot easier to believe the good things that are said about the person. It is a lot harder to believe any bad thing that is said about the person. If the bad thing does turn out to be true, it can be easier to forgive. Therefore, it is important to build positive relationships.

One of the reasons that positive relationships is important is that he will have loyal followers when it comes to attacks. When someone decides to attack the company or the person for any reason, he will have a group of people that are willing to defend him. This is especially helpful for misunderstandings and honest mistakes. As a matter of fact, every truly good business is going to need the help of loyal customers because they are going to make mistakes and get someone mad at them.

Even in the case of a reputation attack, it is important for one to continue to build the good relationships with his audience. As long as he keeps engaging with the audience, they will be more willing to continue to interact with them. For one thing, audiences are also looking for a healthy and strong business. They don’t respect a business that is going to crumble and wither from one bad review or statement of disapproval.


Hussain Sajwani’s DAMAC Properties Merge with the Trump Organization

Hussain Sajwani is the founder of DAMAC Properties. Sajwani took advantage of a decree by the Dubai government that allowed foreigners to own property in the Emirate. He, therefore, purchased land from the underdeveloped areas and resold it at a profit. His efforts leave Dubai a place to be admired by many people.

Sajwani merged with Trump long before he was elected the U.S. president on a long-term golf courses project and real estate development. In February 2017, the first Trump International Golf Course was opened in Dubai.

His relationship with Donald Trump

Sajwani is impressed by Trump Organization and wishes to link it to his business. Trump Organizations focuses its services on real estate business. This is not the first time both moguls (Trump and Sajwani) have engaged in a contract. They have merged on the Trump International Golf Club project. For several years, DAMAC has collaborated with Trump Organization in the development of two golf courses. The merge exhibited very positive results.

Philanthropic Acts

Mr. Sajwani has extended his love to the public. Not long ago, Hussain Sajwani donated AED 2 million to the needy. The cash was expected to cloth more than one million needy children worldwide. This initiative was conducted during the Ramadan by Sheikh Mohammed.

About DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC

DAMAC Properties Dubai Co. PJSC is a company that develops the commercial, residential as well as leisure properties. The company extends its services across Dubai as well as the Middle East. It’s amazing that the firm can also help individuals on the real estate projects. The company was founded by Hussain Ali Habib. It was founded in 2002. Its headquarters are in Dubai.

The food business as well constitutes DAMAC Group operations. The company reminds Sajwani of his initial business expertise. To him, food industry showed his capacity of cultivating friends on different international scale places.

According to Sajwani’s and DAMAC’s experience, proper handling of cash, reigning various projects as well as controlling costs ensures a possible business growth