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Alejandro Pena the CEO of Keter Speaks on the Significance of Company Philanthropy

In the past three years, many influential businesses and organizations have made great efforts to better their environmental, social, and governance situations. Keter’s CEO, Alejandro Pena has put ESG efforts in the limelight, making them vital as part of the company’s business goals and its place in the larger world. As an Israeli-launched leading manufacturer of resin-based lifestyle products, this emphasis on ESG cannot be viewed simply as a passing issue for Keter.

Most corporations are at the start of their route when comprehending ESG and how it will influence their enterprise. They are starting to recognize ESG and how these convictions can modify the businesses they manage, their communities, and customers’ perspectives. While some perceive ESG efforts as a disturbance for organizations such as Florida, Keter CEO Alejandro Pena considers that it is Keter’s obligation not only to abide by guidelines but also to induct them into the firm’s business philosophy.

Alejandro Pena stressed the Keter Everyday Sustainability Pledge in a sustainability report to various stakeholders. “We made important steps last year towards cutting carbon from our manufacturing processes by using recycled resin and optimizing our operations,” he wrote. This approach provides a more eco-friendly product, has generated pride amongst their employees and enhanced the company’s status with major retailers. Pena seeks to lead Keter and other organizations in the industry toward sustainability as global manufacturing and energy move away from petroleum-based solutions.

Keter’s community is global due to the 29 plants they manage across Israel, Luxembourg, and other parts of Europe and North America. Again, considering the environment, the company has limited its carbon footprint. By producing products in their point-of-sale locations, transportation costs are decreased, and having multiple sources for materials creates a buffer against any supply chain disasters that may arise.

Keter strives to become a leader in sustainability while remaining customer-oriented; Pena believes it can reach this goal by establishing itself as a renowned and dependable brand overall.