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Chad Price and Dr. Mako founded Chad Price Mako Medical

Chad Price and Dr. Mako Inoue founded Chad Price Mako Medical in 2016 to bring modern innovations to the world of orthopedic surgery. The company has a patent pending for its implantable tibial tunnel frame Tunnel Frame. It is also developing a modular knee system that provides an alternative solution to total knee replacement surgery, available to surgeons in 2020. The Chad Price Mako Medical facility is located in the McLean area of Washington, DC. It is a 7500 sq. ft. space that allows patients to comfortably enjoy a state-of-the-art experience with their treatment at the clinic.

Services offered in Chad Price Mako Medical.

Chad Price Mako Medical is a full-service orthopedic office that provides treatment of the knee by providing surgeries to correct common orthopedic limb and joint conditions. TPMA offers an array of surgical procedures that selectively correct and alleviates pain and overall joint wear resulting from arthritis.

Treatment options include articular cartilage resurfacing, partial knee replacement, total hip replacement, cancer surgery, and meniscal repairs. The surgical procedure is computerized to minimize patient discomfort after surgery.

Embrace your new life and love the change!

Chad Price Mako Medical aim to ease you into this new incredible journey that you have chosen and help you to ensure a great outcome. they have a compassionate and experienced team of physical therapists, nutritionists, certified surgeons, technicians, and administrative assistants ready to answer any questions or concerns that you may have along this journey. They are committed to your well-being on this journey.

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