Doug Haynes

DoughDoug Haynes is an experienced business leader with over two decades of experience in the corporate world. He has served as President of The Council, a nonprofit organization specializing in helping top executives achieve success, since its inception in 2006.

Douglas Haynes has a long history advising top executives of private and public enterprises. He has held various positions in business and finance, including president and CEO of two publicly traded companies. Haynes also served as an economic advisor to the Canadian Prime Minister and senior vice president at Merrill Lynch.

Haynes is currently the president of The Council, which provides strategic advice to businesses worldwide. In his role at The Council, Haynes helps companies navigate complex global markets and find new opportunities in rapidly changing environments. He also serves on the boards of several nonprofit organizations.

Haynes has been widely recognized for his financial management, economic development, and corporate strategy expertise. Doug Haynes has over 25 years of experience in the executive level of control and has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies. He is a recognized expert on leadership development and has spoken at conferences and universities worldwide.

He is a top senior executive of The Center for Global Enterprise, Cohen Veteran’s Bioscience, and Cohen Veteran’s Network. He serves on the boards of Camp Southern Ground in Georgia and the Robin Hood Foundation in New York. ChainIQ, Vega Factor, FRISQ, and Obsidian Asset Management are just a few of the startup companies whose founders he advises. In addition to Singtel Corporation, the Darden Graduate School of Business, Villanova University, the Canterbury School, and Randolph Macon Academy, he has served on the boards of or been an advisor to all of these institutions.

Haynes has a history of giving back to the community through his work with Council Advisors. The firm has donated more than $60 million to various causes since it was founded in 1988, including support for education, urban revitalization, and health care. In 2014, Doug Haynes and his team gave $5 million to launch the Council Education Fund, which will provide scholarships to students who demonstrate ambition and leadership in their communities.