Doe Deere the Beauty Queen

Posted by: | Posted on: August 10, 2017

Doe Deere takes her morning rituals with utmost importance. She believes in performing every item in her morning schedule as an antidote to morning hangovers. Doe Deere, the founder of Lime Crime, says a good morning ritual is an essential element in the success of her brand. The above is true because she contemplates most of her ideas in the morning.

Deere wakes up at 8.30 a. m. without the use of an alarm clock. She believes that her body is programmed to wake up every morning at that time, after 9 hours of her beauty sleep. She believes that one of her secrets to beauty is enough rest every night.

Immediately Deere wakes up; she takes a full glass of water to keep her body hydrated. She lives in Los Angeles, which is very hot thus hydration becomes essential for her body. After that, Deere does some stretches despite the fact that she is not so athletic. She believes that these make her body flexible and lose. The exercises also make her life happy and lively. Moreover, she takes the stretches seriously since they make her day restful.

Another important part of her morning is breakfast, which she takes facing outside her window. Deere believes that this is the best position for her to contemplate about her company vision and new product development. For breakfast, Deere mainly likes to take grits, which is a type of hot cereal for her breakfast. She also takes fruits, yogurt, and freshly squeezed mango juice. All the orange juice comes from her orange tree in her garden.

Doe Deere also checks up the calendar in the home every morning as it runs her life. Her calendar determines her schedule as she has very many functions and meetings to attend every year. Deere avoids checking and answering mail in the morning as she believes the morning is the best time to come up with new ideas. Consequently, Deere answers her email much later in the day as she carries out her other schedules; her mornings are too sacred for answering emails. Deere also uses the morning time to do office chat and get updates from her team on how the office looks like before she gets there.

Deere’s most favorite part of the morning is her makeup. Just like Lime Crime is about makeup, so is her life. She says that color is what revitalizes her and makes her alive. She also loves her make up time because she uses it to listen to her favorite music.

The first element of Deere’s makeup is Glossier Face Wash, which is mild and which carries a rose scent that brightens her day. She then uses a choice moisturizer and foundation that varies according to the activities within a day. She then uses powder, fills her brow, and then does her blush and lipstick. These last two parts of Deere’s makeup schedule are the highlight of her day.

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