Luiz Carlos Trabuco As An Influential Entrepreneur And Insurance Banker

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an influential figure in the Brazilian insurance market. He is the president of one of the largest banks in the region- Bradesco. Luiz Carlos has pioneered great projects that are geared towards facilitating the economic development of the country. As the leader of the largest insurance company in Brazil, he interacts with business and political leaders who benefit greatly from his financial insights. In fact, he has been cited severally in leading media outlets as an authority in the field of finance and insurance.

Luiz is an expert insurance sales manager who delivers unmatched brokerage services to clients. Mr. Trabuco believes that the insurance sector is a fundamental part of the state. He also stresses that it is an important tool in managing the welfare of the society. Luiz Carlos Trabuco has worked at Bradesco for the past four decades. He joined the organization as a clerk in 1969 and rose through ranks to be the organizations vice president and eventually the president. While working as an executive at the company, he has contributed up to 30% of Bradesco’s profits.

Mr. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has achieved several career milestones in the banking field. In 2007, he was crowned the insurance personality of the year. The award was to commemorate his impeccable performance since 2003 when he was the vice president of Bradesco Group of Insurance and Pension plans. When he assumed command of the company in 2009, the bank ranked second after Ita├║ Unibanco. Trabuco succeeded Marcio Cypriano as the CEO of the company. Cypriano had left a pristine track record that seemed impossible for Trabuco to match. However, he proved worthy of the promotion by putting Bradesco ahead of most of the other insurance companies in Brazil.

Pushing Bradesco to first place wasn’t an easy feat. Mr.Trabuco had to make a huge leap of faith by purchasing the HSBC branch in Brazil for $5.2 billion. The purchase was approved by Lazaro Brandao who was by then the chairman of the board. The ambitious acquisition gave Bradesco the ticket to the race of becoming the best bank in the private sector. Soon, Luiz Carlos’s idea paid off, and they beat their rivals. They outperformed other financial organizations regarding networking, the number of account holders, and the total of investment funds. Luiz Carlos was immediately named the entrepreneur of the year in finance by Dinheiro.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco was born in Marilia in 1951. He studied at the University of Sao Paulo from where he graduated with a degree in philosophy. He has since established a corporate university where he seeks to impart leadership skills into executives in the banking sector. He has a platform where business leaders get a chance to express their viable action plans for the development of the industry. Through that setup, Trabuco is able to find professionals and give them an opportunity to develop their careers.

One of the people who have benefited from Luis Carlos Trabucos initiative is Renato Ejnisman. He is the executive director of Bradesco BBI and has also worked at the Bank of America and Bank Boston. Trabuco is renowned for his commendable work ethic. He reports to work at 7 am and works through to 6 pm. He gets most of his clients through social meetings and formal dinners.

Mr. Trabuco is interested in showing the government the importance of insurance in the modern Brazilian society. Currently, he manages the newly-established Fenasaude. He is one of the esteemed board members of the Institute for Supplementary Health Studies. As the third great leader of Bradesco, Mr. Trabuco is a role model to most upcoming insurance bankers in Brazil.

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