How Fabletics Finds Success in Reverse Show rooming

Posted by: | Posted on: August 19, 2017

Kate Hudson is a respected figure in the fashion industry. The famous actress has founded one of the largest active wear companies in the United States. Kate has been helping the modern woman stay active and live a happy life. Her greatest passion is motivating women. In the year 2013, Kate and two other partners came together to form Fabletics, a fashion brand that is offering the modern woman stylish and high-quality gym wear at affordable prices.


Unlike most of the fashion brands in the market at the moment, Fabletics wants to introduce cloths that inspire and motivates the customer. The founders of the fashion company have been in business for a long time, and they understand all the challenges facing the new businesses in the market. Apart from introducing trendy wear, the business people know that they have to sell them at affordable rates.


The marketing strategies used by Fabletics have played a crucial role in the success of the company. According to a recently released report, the company is worth over two hundred and fifty million dollars. It is evident that the fashion brand has overtaken all the fashion giants in the market, including Amazon. At the moment, Amazon has a twenty percent share in the market.


Fabletics uses a special subscription method to show the clients the quality products. Every month, the customer gets a different active wear that is designed according to their preferences and tastes. The institution has offline stores that are located in different parts of the country to deliver the kinds of services the offline consumer needs.


The reverse show rooming technology has been beneficial for the modern company. When the modern consumer goes online to shop for a commodity, they ensure that they purchase it in other offline stores at cheaper prices. However, Fabletics stocks the offline stores according to the tastes of the individuals living there. This technique captures the people who are shopping offline and those who are online.


Impressing the modern client is not a walk in the park. Apart from high-quality brands and good prices, the customer wants items that are recognized in the market. This means that without the right marketing it is impossible to make money. Fabletics founders understand this concept well, and they make sure that all the brands they produce are received in the market. The fashion company has announced that it will be purchasing more offline stores to cater for the growing clientele.

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