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Posted by: | Posted on: December 12, 2017

Why Dick DeVos And His Family Place A High Value On Philanthropy

Some see money as the root of greed while others see it as a real tool for generosity like entrepreneur and political activist Richard Marvin DeVos Jr, otherwise known as Dick DeVos. Dick DeVos has worked with his family at their company Amway Corporation and has even started his own company, but he and his family have really turned heads by giving more than their fair share to philanthropy. Dick and Betsy DeVos have given $139 million of their own money in lifetime giving, making the DeVos family’s total lifetime giving over $1.2 billion. The organizations they’ve given to range over a wide spectrum.


Dick and Betsy DeVos have spent a good bit of their giving on education, much of which has gone to private school operations and scholarships, but they’ve also supported the Grand Rapids Public School system and even more recently focused on making more charter schools available. They were responsible for the opening of the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010, a charter school based in aviation and aeronautics located at the Gerald R. Ford Airport. Dick DeVos has also supported church organizations such as Mars Hill Bible Fellowship and Willow Creek Organization, and he gave a large donation to the opening of a major Grand Rapids children hospital known as the Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital.


Dick DeVos traces his business career back to his childhood while helping his father, Richard DeVos Sr. at Amway. DeVos Sr. is also the owner of the NBA’s Orlando Magic. Dick got his bachelor’s at Northwood University and spent over 20 years at Amway, including several years as a company vice president and then later CEO from 1993 to 2002. Dick and Betsy began investing in a lot of Grand Rapids and Holland-based companies through their own investment firm, The Windquest Group and are the primary holders of The Stow Company, Lex TM3 and Electratherm Energy.


Dick DeVos had been involved in politics for quite some time joining his wife in fundraisers for Republican candidates while she served as Chair of the Michigan Republican party. He ran for governor in 2006 against then incumbent Jennifer Granholm but came up short in the race. He’s continued working supporting conservative legislation over the years, and then returned to the political spotlight when it was announced that Betsy was going to be the next US Education Secretary upon the election of Donald Trump to the presidency. In his spare time, you can usually find Dick DeVos either flying an aircraft, or possibly racing in the Chicago-Mackinac race.


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Success Academy’s Online Portal Launched a Teacher-Training Facility in the Pipeline

Success Academy has changed people’s perception of charter schools for the better. The Eva Moskowitz led chain of schools has become the main challenger for top performers’ positions in New York, something that no other charter school had done before. With 41 schools under its umbrella, the academy boasts having one of the biggest student population in the city, most of these students coming from poor backgrounds. As such, Success Academy is getting all the praise for the change it is bringing to the country’s education sector.

The Online Platform

Although Success Academy operates within the state of New York, Eva has dreams of spreading her reformative agenda to all education districts in the country. In June this year, Eva led the launching of Success Academy Education Institute, an online platform that outlines the schools’ success strategy. The platform will be accessed freely from any part of the country. According to Eva, many brilliant minds are squashed at an early age because of the education systems they are put through. She recognizes that these kids ought to be saved from the quagmire, and the responsibility of doing that rests on her shoulders.

Making a Nationwide Impact

During the online platform launch, Eva Moskowitz said that the platform was one of the avenues through which Success Academy will change the entire American education sector. She said that the platform had been developed in conjunction with the leading educationists from across the globe.

Success Academy Education Institute online platform came in the wake of Success Academy’s win of the 2017 Broad Prize. The prize that saw them take home a cool $250,000 was in recognition of their dedication to offering career-shaping programs that prepared the students for institutions of higher learning.

Besides the online platform, Success Academy plans to cast its nets wider in the coming years. It’s expected that the network will be commissioning a teacher-training facility in the near future. The facility will be situated at the network’s base of Hudson Yards in Manhattan.