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Posted by: | Posted on: January 22, 2018

Desiree Perez Plays A Leading Role In The Development Of The RocNation Brand

The RocNation brand was born in 2008 when SC Enterprises executive, Desiree Perez set out to craft a deal which would establish rapper, Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter as the head of his own record label. Perez had already been a trusted executive at Carter’s SC Enterprises for around ten years by the time she set out to craft the deal which would eventually shock the entertainment industry and place both herself and RocNation on the map as leading figures in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

The initial deal created by Desiree Perez provided $100 million in funding for the newly formed record label from a partner, Live Nation. The live events group is just one of the many partners Desiree Perez has agreed on contracts with over the course of the life of RocNation as she sets out to prove women can have just as much of a say in the future of the entertainment industry as the men who have traditionally led this sector.

Setting out to create a brighter future for the RocNation brand has seen Desiree Perez explore many different areas of the entertainment sector including the negotiation of new contracts. In 2017, with the partnership with Live Nation being renegotiated, Jay-Z once again turned to Desiree Perez to renegotiate the contract between the two companies and create a new decade-long partnership worth an estimated $200 million, and Desiree Perez’s lacrosse camp.

As one of the most important members of the executive committee controlling the future of RocNation, Desiree Perez has been entrusted with making sure new ventures from RocNation are successful in a short space of time. In 2013, the newly formed RocNation Sports talent agency was formed with Desiree Perez and husband, Juan Perez took control of this important venture and created a powerful agency attracting many of the top stars of football and basketball in the U.S. before beginning to work on a global scale, and read full article.

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How Desiree Perez Developed Into A Leader In The Music Industry

In 2016 the global music and entertainment industry earned about $17.2 billion in revenue. The industry is highly competitive and in order to succeed people have to put a lot of work into their careers. Like many industries, it is dominated by men in executive level positions. One woman, though, that has proven herself a highly capable leader in the industry is Desiree Perez. She is an entrepreneur, producer, and talent manager who has worked with some of the biggest names in the business.

One entertainer she has worked with on a professional level for years is Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter. Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have maintained a professional relationship for over 21 years. Jay-Z has built a big network of interrelated companies in the industry. These businesses range from concert tour management to talent development, as well as the production of music. Desiree (or Des) Perez has played a huge behind the scenes role in managing these companies and earning large profits and read full article.

Among the businesses that Desiree Perez has played a huge part in are SC Enterprises and Roc Nation. Along with her husband, Juan Perez, Des is one of the members of the Hova Circle of Influence. This group of individuals is a collection of investors in the industry as well as influencers. When Jay-Z has a big business decision to make he often relies on Des Perez to handle the negotiations. She is very successful at managing high-pressure talks and is known for always keeping her eye on the financial bottom line and his Twitter.

One of the music tours Des Perez put together was the $25 million touring deal between Rihanna and Samsung. She was also instrumental in managing the $150 million negotiations between Live Nation and Roc Nation which was agreed to in 2008. She is presently negotiating with Universal Music in order to replace this agreement as it is set to expire and learn more about Dez Perez.

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