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George Soros Drops in The Forbes List After His Huge $18 Billion Gift to Open Society Foundations

George Soros, a billionaire hedge fund investor and philanthropist, has seen his net worth drop owing to the transfer of $18 billion to his charitable group, Open Society Foundations. The big gift made by the billionaire recently made Open Society Foundations rise up to the top echelons of philanthropic foundations. Prior to making the transfer, George Soros’ estimated net worth stood at $23 billion according to Forbes. His net worth dropped to around $8 billion, making him drop 39 places to position 59 in the Forbes List of the richest persons in America.


Huge Transfer to Open Society Foundations

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report on the huge transfer of wealth by George Soros to his philanthropic organization. According to Laura Silber, the chief communications officer of the Open Society Foundations, the $18 billion transfer of assets happened over a number of years in accordance with the billionaire’s estate planning. Laura Silber also clarified that the huge gift from George Soros will not in any way alter the manner in which the foundation operates. The foundation will continue operating as per the opportunities and rising needs in the world to advance democratic practice, justice and human rights.


Management of the Fund

According to two asset managers privy to the management of Soros organization, who spoke to Forbes, the huge transfer could have been a means of reducing the billionaire’s taxes. Donations made to charity are usually tax deductible going up to 30% of the fine-tuned gross income and can be extended for a period of five years. George Soros could also have made the switch to lessen the estate tax to be borne by his heirs after he passes on. The donation fund will be managed by the Soros Fund Management office, and more information click here.


Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations is a philanthropic giant that funds various causes globally including public health and refugee relief efforts. The philanthropic giant focuses on advocating for immigrant rights, rights of the marginalized groups and funding liberal causes. The foundation’s work has not escaped criticism especially from right wing supporting parties and various organizations based in Eastern Europe. The criticism arises due to the huge political influence the society has in various countries, and


About George Soros

Soros is presently 87 years old and has been missing in action in his hedge fund business that made him wealthy. The billionaire has of late shifted his focus towards philanthropy. George Soros was born in Budapest and at the age of 11 years, the Nazi occupation occurred forcing his family to escape from the country. They used falsified papers to gain safe passage from the country to escape the persecution of Jews. He moved to London and worked as a waiter and railway porter to take himself through university education at the London School of Economics, and

George Soros used $12 million to found his hedge fund based in New York back in 1969. He has managed to remain one of the most powerful single players on Wall Street for around five decades. He appeared on the Forbes list about 30 years ago and has never missed out on it.

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Jason Hope’s Internet of Things

What’s the current social and economic impact of the Internet of Things (IoT)? IoT’s primary objective is to connect technical building blocks. Below are the latest news about Hope’s Internet of Things.

The future of employment opportunities

In the next few years, hundreds of thousands of devices will come online to trade and to do business. Many people are already coming online to labor and generate income. What happens to human labor and physical employment? As IoT continues to automate jobs and improve efficiency, people will perform less simple tasks. What does this impact on the overall job market? Fewer people will be needed to complete simple tasks, and the demand for highly technical employees will increase.

What’s the future of autonomous cars?

Self-driven cars have caught the excitement of many. However, some may be worried about these driverless cars bumping into the roads with high speeds. Malcolm Gladwell, while speaking to CBSN, noted that these vehicles are not complete yet. A couple of issues need to be resolved before the self-driving cars can hit the road.

Smart Cities Expo

Starting 12th Nov – 13th Nov 2017, Dubai will be hosting the Smart Cities World Expo Forum, an expo addressing Smart Cities and IoT.

The forum is meant to educate people on the smart cities and urban planning worldwide. The conference will bring together public business managers, directors, urban planners, administrators, and international authorities who play a part in developing urban policies. The stakeholders will contribute towards the development of smart cities, and learn more about Jason Hope.

Where’s IoT’s 5G?

Many people have taken it online to quest for IoT’s 5G. Yes, sure, where is it? As we can recall, one significant pledge of Trump’s administration was to improve America’s infrastructure. There are efforts towards delivering the promise.

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1 Stock for Investing in the Internet of Things #IoT @MotleyFoolMoney

— Jason Hope (@JasonHope) March 18, 2016

What’s the future of the internet?

Where’s the internet headed to? To answer this question requires a flashback on the advantages and the disadvantages of the internet today. Then, look at what its next steps of advancing.

Rob van Kranenburg of NGI Move looks at the future of the internet by:

  1. i) Looking at the functionality of the internet and its potential growth regarding technology advancement, reliability, and governance.
  2. ii) Encouraging the general public as well as services and products which depend on the Internet’s next generation.

About Jason Hope

Hope is a successful entrepreneur, futurist, philanthropist, and investor who has interests in politics and passion for technology. Hope is located in Scottsdale, Arizona.

He attained his Bachelor’s degree in finance from Arizona State University and an MBA from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business.

Hope contributed half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation of Research Of Rejuvenation Biotechnologies to help advance in human medicine to fights age-related disease.

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Aloha Construction Makes Your Home A Showcase

An aging home will definitely need some home repairs done over the years. Extreme, or prolong weather conditions can also put a home in vital need of repair or replacement components. If you reside in Illinois or the southern Wisconsin area, home repairs can be trusted to Aloha Construction, a leader in the construction industry in those two states. Aloha Construction company is a family owned business that has earned respect, and a favorable reputation for being a highly qualified company that renders exceptional home repair services. No home repair job is too large or too small. The appearance of your home is as important to them as it is to you, the home owner. They have a team of field experts which includes field supervisors, installers, and inspectors available to do an analysis of your repair before they began, Aloha’s lacrosse camp.

Aloha Construction is currently under the leadership of David Farbaky, who is the President and Chief Executive Officer of the family owned and operated business. He and his team have watched the business grow at an enormous rate due to the unmatched service provided to customers over the years. David Farbaky is a forty six year old husband, father, and brother who is a role model for other entrepreneurs with whom he has a connection. He is very influential in the decision making of young, start up business owners. Aloha Construction thrives because of a family working together, learning and training to become the best in the construction industry, and their resume.

Aloha Construction works closely with insurance claims specialists if your home has damages from external sources. They have top notched roofers for any roofing repair or replacement. They will replace gutters, eaves, and overhangs. They offer various types of siding to enhance the appearance of your home. Whether you want a cosmetic face lift to the home, or if it has been damaged somehow, Aloha Construction will provide your choice of siding. They will also up date your windows to make your home look like new again. For all home repairs and replacements, this family owned business can provide all of the services needed to make your home a showcase.

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Get The Most Out Of Your Pets Diet With Beneful

Walmart is a proud participating retailer of all Beneful pet food products. They offer a valuable selection of dry, wet, and, gourmet pet food with real all-natural ingredients. Feed your beloved pet companion from a diet that will help the live a long active lifestyle. Giving your pet a quality meal is as easy, and affordable as Beneful available at select Walmarts. Their role back offers will offer their customers an additional up to 20% off during their Roll Back exclusive authors. More pets are choosing Beneful pet food, for their beloved pet companion. Nourish your pet with the goodness of Beneful and read full article.

Feed your pet real lamb meat contents along with chicken and beef. Give your pet a consistent diet that helps them with their heart, maintain a healthy weight, and an easy to digest meal. They’re committed to the top industry standard on pet food. Enjoy real vegetables like carrots, wild rice, green beans, and peas. Your pet companion will be around for years to come with a nutritious meal they’ll thank you for everytime. Give your pet a life that will help them lead a happy life, and be there for your family, as a true pet companion and Beneful’s lacrosse camp.

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Legal Expert Anthony Petrello Proves His Worth with Nabors Industries

It is always important to remember the top paid industrial leaders are often heading huge multinational corporations that require long hours and a dedication to keeping up to date on the latest options open to their company across the planet. One of those who has consistently found himself at the top of the lists of best paid executives has been Anthony Petrello of the Nabors Industries group that is the world’s leading oil, gas, and geothermal drilling contractor offering its services to clients across the planet; Anthony Petrello has built his knowledge of the industry since arriving on the board in 1991 and is now paid over $68 million per year as the Chair of the Board and Chief Executive Officer and what Anthony knows.


The work of Anthony Petrello is about much more than just making as much money as possible for the oil and gas industry with Nabors, he has also become a major donor to a number of charitable groups he backs as a leading philanthropist. Among the memberships held by Tony Petrello is his role as a member of the Board of Trustees with the Texas Children’s Hospital that is part of the Texas Medical Center; Petrello and many of his fellow oil executives have assisted in building a medical center known as one of the largest in the world with over 50 member institutions and more information click here.

The impressive career of Anthony Petrello has seen him become one of the leading executives in the world, which can make it difficult for those who knew Anthony Petrello in his teenage years to connect with. Lloyd Grove is now a journalist with The Daily Beast and remembers Anthony Petrello as his outgoing college roommate in his Freshman year; always outgoing and gregarious, Petrello was a mathematics prodigy who seemed destined for a career in academia before the siren song of big business dragged him into a new and ever more important career that includes the odd piece of criticism Grove believes Anthony Petrello would have laughed about receiving and Anthony on Facebook.

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According To Brad Reifler, Investment And Hedge Funds Are Not A Preserve of The Elite

Few can boast of a career that spans over three decades in the financial services sector. Brad Reifler, the CEO of Forefront Management, LLC. will attest to the fact that three decades in this industry is no mean feat. It would be apt to describe Brad as a financial service and investment guru. Reifler exudes a lot of confidence in this sector that has been his tool of the trade for over 30 years.

Brad Reifler has offered consultancy on matters finance and investment to a good number of companies across various sectors of the economy. In the city of New York, Brad is held with high regard and is considered as one of the most qualified financial professionals.

After acquiring his undergraduate degree in Economics and Political Science, Brad decided to throw all his weight on a new venture he had created.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler’s premiere financials services outfit was called Reifler Trading Corporation. RTC’s initial focus on the financial markets was the trade of global derivatives. Brad was able to grow the revenue and services portfolio of Reifler Trading to the extent that Refco company decided to purchase it at an attractive price. Learn more about Brad Reifler:

After the Refco transaction, Brad Reifler decided to build another venture he called Pali Capital. His expertise and the financial muscle he acquired from the sale of Reifler Trading enabled Pali Capital to come up with an outstanding product line. Over the period which Brad steered Pali Capital, the enterprise grew by leaps and bounds. The firm recorded impressive revenue index that was over $200 million annually. Pali Capital has a presence in several international destinations across the globe.

Now that Brad Reifler has recorded a lot of success in the business world, he now wants to devote some his energies in encouraging the members of the middle-income bracket also to take part in financial investment. In the year 2014, Brad through the Forefront Income Trust welcomed the middle-class to make use of investment plans that had initially been viewed as a preserve of the wealthy.

Forefront Income Trust is different from other investment outfits given that, the company does not draw profits until the investor has acquired an initial 8 percent gain on their investment.