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Posted by: | Posted on: August 11, 2017

Jason Halpern Edges High Above the Rest in the Real Estate Business

Building and construction can be such a paying venture if the right approach is given to it. This is exactly what Jason Halpern has known hence the construction empire he has developed today. He runs and owns the JMH Development Company which does a number of construction projects. His determination and charisma has put him at the top in the industry both as an individual and as a company. He learned the art of construction from his late father who was also a construction expert. The trend runs deeper to his grandfather who also taught his father the business. In this respect, clearly Jason has all the needed guidance to become the best in the real estate business.

Jason’s Family

As per the expectations, having been brought up in a construction family business, Jason has been doing very well in the industry. He founded his own construction company in the early 90s when his father’s company was sold. This is where he single handedly dared to walk in his father’s shoes to carry on with the family’s legacy in construction. It seems like he is also seeking to maintain the trend to the next generation because he has been drawing his 14 year old son into the business. Jason learned a lot from his father and one important lesson was to keep the quality of work at the top notch. In the real estate industry, quality and standards are very crucial.


Jason Halpern: Real Estate Entrepreneur

Jason understands his market well with the advantage of his rich experience passed on by his father. This is why his construction company, JMH Development Company has been flourishing in a rather quite competitive industry. Through his company, Jason has developed some very authentic and amazingly designed buildings including the Aloft South Beach in Miami. His company handles lucrative projects and he delivers as expected and even beyond. Being the founder and owner of the JMH Development Company, he ensures that projects are well managed and that the end product satisfies the client. This is how he maintains existing clients while appealing to new ones. Jason’s insight in construction gives him an edge above the rest.

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Todd Lubar’s Expansive Career

After his 1995 graduation from Syracuse University, Todd Lubar began his career in real estate. He started off as a loan originator and grew relationships with people from every aspect of the field so that he could learn and grow in his own career. In 1999 Todd Lubar accepted a job with Legacy Finacial Group in an equity position. Only a few years later he had gained the knowledge and experience to start Legendary Properties, LLC, which was a company that focused on purchasing and fixing up homes for a profit. With his many professional relationships, he has been able to not only turn houses around in a timely fashion but also has been able to ensure that each home is finished to the highest quality standards.

According to his About.Me bio, Todd Lubar graduated from Syracuse University with a B.A. in Speech communication. After graduating he took his first job with Crestar Mortage Corporation where he stayed until 1999. From there he took a position at Legacy Finacial Group until he created Legendary Properties. Not stopping there, in 2005 he accepted a position with Charter Funding as the Senior Vice President. He worked there until 2007. Now he is the President of TDL ventures.

Todd Lubar has expanded beyond the mortgage industry and has dabbled in the night club industry, demolition, recycling, and real estate development industry. He has continued to grow and expand his career throughout the years, always continuing to try new ventures. Currently, he has focused his career on helping people who are in need. His career will continue to expand and grow for years to come. See,

Todd Lubar has built an accomplished career for himself since graduating from college. He has built relationships and had experience that has allowed him to expand his career into different industries. Todd Lubar is an accomplished businessman with the desire to help other. Need professional advice? Click

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