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Posted by: | Posted on: October 23, 2017

Why Officers Count on Securus Technologies in Prison

My concern when I show up to work at our local prison is that inmates are going to injure me or my fellow corrections officers. These inmates are getting more violent each year, and with the ease in which they can get drugs, it becomes a dangerous mix that puts us all on edge. Despite taking several precautions while on the job, I am scared that if I turn my back at work I could be seriously injured by an inmate.


In order to try and control the amount of drugs in the jail, we have to pay very close attention to when the inmates are interacting with guests. Each time the guests arrive at the jail, me and my fellow officers will scan and search everyone in an effort to keep the drugs out. Drugs are a serious risk because they give average inmates the ability to have super human strength. When it normally takes two officers to take down an inmate, one on drugs might require half a dozen. That is usually when people get hurt, so eliminating drug use is a top priority.


Securus Technologies has been instrumental in our efforts to remove drugs from the jail, allowing us to get ahead of a problem instead of always being in the position of reacting to these threats. The company is based in the great state of Texas, and all 1,000 employees are currently working towards the mission of making the world a safer place for all. CEO Richard Smith says their inmate call monitoring system is already in 2,600 jails around this country.


Now if the LBS software picks up a conversation between inmate and guest about drugs, we have the ability to take instant action and remove the contraband before it puts anyone in the jail at risk of serious injury.