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Reeve Benaron Explains about the On/Go Smartphone App

What started as a novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has morphed into a global pandemic. With the virus spreading across every continent, health officials worldwide struggle to find solutions to keep people safe and contain the outbreak. Healthcare expert Reeve Benaron states that to help combat the spread of the disease, several companies have developed tests to detect whether someone has contracted the coronavirus. 


While these tests may not change the course of the outbreak, they could provide information about how widespread the virus is. Intrivo has launched a new coronavirus test called On/GoOne, which can detect all coronaviruses, including COVID-19. Since the FDA approved the test, Reeve Benaron states, it has only just begun shipping, meaning healthcare workers still need to use it. 


However, Intrivo says that the results aren’t intended to replace existing diagnostic testing methods. Rather, they hope the Covid-19 test will allow doctors to quickly identify if hospital patients have contracted the virus. According to Reeve Benaron, the new affordable and convenient COVID-19 test gives high-accuracy results in 15 minutes.


In addition, the Covid-19 test only needs to fit into the palm of your hand. It is paired with the new On/Go smartphone app, including live non-medical support via video chat, virtual health resources, and instructional videos. Reeve Benaron adds that individuals with or without symptoms can take the test, which expires after one year of purchase.

On/Go One represents the beginning of a new journey for Intrivo CEO Reeve Benaron. With his company developing a solution designed to combat COVID-19, the healthcare expert says he is eager to see how his team can assist us all in getting through this crisis safely. He feels confident that if we all work together, we will find a way forward no matter what comes our way.