Darius Nunn

#59 MLB Darius Nunn

#59 MLB Darius Nunn


This week, I was able to speak to veteran linebacker Darius Nunn, and ask a few questions about his thoughts on this year’s team.

Zach: What is it going to take for the Threat to win another championship?

Darius: It’s going to take total dedication. The entire team is going to have to give it their all. In previous years our history has shown that once we hit the middle of the season, things become sort of discombobulated, and that has to stop. We have to play with total unity, and stick together until it’s all over.

Z: How do you feel about some of the newer players that have signed with the team this year?

D: Well it’s good to have fresh legs out there, but they need to prove themselves, and they can’t live off of their history, like their high school or college days. It’s all about now, and what we need is for these new players to show us what their made of.

Z: Do you feel like maybe you could be the leader of this Threat defense?

D: In a sense, yes. I feel like I am there to help motivate our team in any way, and that I’m there to help out anyone who doesn’t exactly understand what they are doing. So yeah, I guess I would say I’m kind of like the leader of our defense. But everyone that has been here certainly does their part, and I can’t take away from that.

Z: How do you feel about new head coach Mike Meteyard?

D: I like him a lot. I like his whole upbringing, and I can already tell he’s going to help us out a lot without even really knowing him.

Z: What has it been like playing with some of the other “veterans” on this team?

D: Well we all knew each other in our high school days, and once we all started playing for other teams before the Threat, it was really just a lot of mixed emotions. Because at first we couldn’t stand each other, but now it’s nothing but love, and now we’re like brothers. And no disrespect, but the Raiders couldn’t pay me to play for their team when I’m out here playing with guys like these.

That was all I had for this week. Hope you all enjoyed.

– Z. Harris

by Bliss Drive Review