Why Gulf Coast Western CEO supports Sadie Keller Foundation

Matthew FleegerSadie Keller discovered she had leukemia at only seven years. The young girl from North Texas had to start fighting for her life even when she did not understand what was happening. Years later, Sadie Keller created a nonprofit company to help provide toys to all the children stuck in different hospitals during the holiday season. According to numerous Gulf Coast Western reviews, the Sadie Keller Foundation has received many donations from all over the country. The institution was started six years ago, and it has already attracted the attention of both local and national supporters.

Sadie Keller is always excited when her peers get the toys they love to play with. One of the most incredible supporters of the children’s foundation is Matthew Fleeger, the chief executive officer and president of Gulf Coast Western. The leading business executive is from Texas and has been in charge of his family business for a while. When the Gulf Coast Western CEO learnt about the Sadie Keller Foundation and its mission in society, he decided he would join the campaign and make an impact in the life of a child who has cancer.

Partnering with Sadie was a dream for the hard-working chief executive officer. For years, Gulf Coast Western has supported many charity organizations, but the CEO wanted to look for a children’s foundation to help.

Matthew Fleeger understands what children like Sadie Keller go through while in the hospital. The incredible leader had cancer too, and he had to hold on to small things to keep himself busy when sick. Gulf Coast Western reviews from satisfied customers have made the Texas-based company create a lot of wealth, making it easy for Fleeger to give back to the Sadie Keller Foundation. When the issue was brought into the limelight, Matthew Fleeger sent twenty-five thousand dollars to help the children.

Matt FleegerThe energy company was named the official sponsor of the Sadie Keller Foundation. Apart from supporting the children, Matthew has given lots of support to sex trafficking survivors and many other individuals fighting for their lives. Foundations supporting cancer patients have received a lot of assistance from businessman.