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Protection In A New World: Jason Hope

 The Internet Today


Being on the internet today can be fun, but if one is not careful then it can be harmful. That is why there are measures in place to try to keep the internet a safe place for everyone to use daily. This is one of those moves that Jason Hope supports because it keeps the internet safe for everyone. Now the FTC is taking steps to make it safe too.


 Technology ARM


Regulation is necessary for people so things do not get out of control; Jason Hope says that too much regulation would stifle growth; that would not be the best move for the internet and businesses as a whole. There has to be a balance between the two things. This is will also apply to mobile devices as well


 Mobile World

Protection In A New World: Jason Hope

It is a mobile world for many people. Cell phones and tablets are highly utilized to get work done on a daily basis, Jason Hope assists later on. This is one thing that has to have some controls in place in order to make safety possible. The more mobile devices that are being used to access the internet it will be more difficult to keep the online world safe. 



Privacy is also key for those who use the internet. People can use anything online from refrigerators to washers and dryers. Technology is moving at a very fast pace and securing privacy has to move that way too. According to Jason Hope, this is the challenge that lies ahead for new internet safety protocols.